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Get your Garden Office or Summer House online, using WiFi from your house or the mobile 4G network. We'll get you online in minutes.


Garden Office Internet and WiFi

The garden office gives you the flexibility to work, rest and play in your own space and in private but retain access to all your usual house facilities. acdctv has everything you need to make sure your internet in your garden office is robust, well connected and simple to install. If you have a decent internet connection in your house, simply use our WiFi kit internet extender to connect your garden office to the house in 2 minutes, fully password-protected, and then connect 5 devices to the new wifi network in your office.

Connect your laptop, tablet, phone, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku TV stick and any other WiFi device directly to our kit – exactly the same as you would at home

To set up – Simply point the directional antenna at the house wifi signal, enter the house password if there is one using a browser on your device, and then all your garden office devices can connect to the house internet connection wirelessly. With a range of over 800m, we'll get you connected and online in minutes. You'll be asked to set a password for your new garden internet wifi booster to keep your internet in your summer house secure and that's it.

Work, print, relax, browse and shop - your garden office is now online with its own secure internet network.

Simply choose WiFi or 4G connectivity

No internet in the house? Use the Kuma 4G kit

If you are distant from the house or there is a building or fence between your garden office and your internet in the house and it is blocking the signal, chose the 4G kit. Simply insert any data SIM card - our 4G kit is unlocked to all networks, and connect 10 different devices simultaneously. With phone providers offering unlimited data for a few pounds a month this could work out cheaper than the internet in your house. Place the 4G antenna in a window inside or outside and enjoy outside internet signal strength in your summer house or garden office while you work.

Connect your Amazon Fire Stick, Roku TV stick, Chromecast, phone laptop and any other WiFi device directly to our 4G kit – exactly the same as you would at home to your house internet.

Set up in 2 minutes and fully password-protected so the data is all yours.